Last night, SIG-Game held a presentation to introduce our new developers, S&T’s Mars Rover Design Team, and other friends to the wonderful world of Git. We had an excellent turnout, and a lot of good questions from the audience.

As promised, the slides from the talk are posted below. There are some additional resources listed, as well, which you may find helpful or interesting.

Though it requires some effort to learn, Git is a valuable skill for any developer. It’s well worth the time you invest in learning it.


From Our Presentation

  • Our Slides
    • Enjoy the puns.
  • LearnGitBranching
    • This is an excellent tool for fiddling with git branches to see how things work
    • Work through the tutorial. It’s worth it.
  • Understanding the GitHub Flow
    • This guide should give you a quick idea of how the GitHub flow works
    • Remember that pull requests can be opened for branches, or between forks
    • Take the five minutes to read it
  • Demo Pull Request
    • If you wanted to take another look at the demo pull request we made, you can find it here.

Additional Resources


While I have the chance, I want to thank everyone who came to our event yesterday. I had a blast giving this presentation yesterday, and I hope everyone was able to take something away from it. It’s hard to compress all that is Git into an hour-fifteen presentation, but hopefully you’re excited to learn more about it. Git is a valuable tool, and once you really understand it, it’ll be your new best friend.