Congratulations to the winners of MegaMinerAI 14: Plants! After 24 hours of coding and two exciting tournaments, we have our victors:

Student Tournament

The winners of the Student Tournament received prizes in the amounts of $500, $220, and $120 for first second and third place respectively.

  • First Place: Paper Pumpkin Posse
  • Second Place: Golbat Plants
  • Third Place: The Square Roots

Global Tournament

The Global Tournament consisted of all AIs submitted to the Arena, including SIG-Game Developer AIs, Sponsor AIs, as well as all student teams.

  • First Place: Paper Pumpkin Posse
  • Second Place: The Goldman Clause
  • Third Place: Golbat Plants

Post Mortem

We know how MegaMinerAI went from a Dev perspective, but we want to hear from you! How can we make MegaMinerAI 15 the best MegaMinerAI ever? Join us for our Post Mortem meeting on Tuesday, November 11 at 7:00 PM in CS Room 207.

Also, be sure to check your email and fill out our feedback survey. Your responses help us to locate areas in need of improvement.


On behalf of SIG-Game’s Developers, thanks to everyone who came out to MegaMinerAI 14: Plants! We had a blast putting it together, and we hope you all had a great time strategizing and coding. If you’re interested in seeing MegaMinerAI from the other side of the table, consider joining the Dev team next semester!

See you at MegaMinerAI 15!