Thanks to Matt Nuckolls, Aluminati member and Arena architect, MegaMinerAI 14: Plants has the most thorough final results of a any competition ever. In total he ran the arena for 50,000 games, and from those results I extracted this CSV of pairwise game results, and created this pretty graph of how likely it is for each team to beat each opponent:

Arena Heat Map

While there is no doubt that Paper Pumpkin Posse deserved first place, using this data its pretty unclear who should get second. Below is who would get second using different measures of quality.

  • Highest Average Win Rate: Oversized Grow Lamp
  • Loses the least head to head matchups: The Mad Robotinists
  • Most likely to win random seed single winner tournaments (Pumpkin removed) with probabilistic matchups: The Goldman Clause
  • Most likely to defeat first place team: Teem Bahd Spelers

This game also contained a lot of non-transitive relationships. For example The Deku Scrubs beats We Came For The Food who beats Teem Bahd Spelers who beats The Deku Scrubs.