Last weekend you guys came out to chopped down many trees and built many lodges. And some were victorious! Here are your tournament winners:

Student Tournament:

This tournament is only eligible students: no alumni, SIG-Game developers, or sponsors. Prizes were awarded at the awards ceremony on Saturday.

1st - dumbfreshman

2nd - the-newcastle-gnomes

3rd - i-am-so-dam-tree-ggered

And dumbfreshman were indeed two [smart] freshmen students. Lookout future competitors for these guys!

Global Tournament:

This tournament includes everyone. No awards beyond the prize of being the best at Stumped!

1st - the-goldman-clause source code

2nd - rmds Garmin source code

3rd - dumbfreshman

We’d like to thank everyone involved, from our generous sponsors, and our developers, to our competitors.

If you’d like to see how the entire brackets worked you can find the student results here, and the global results here. They can be [partially] played back in our Bracket Visualizer (drag and drop the files into the white page).

As always, all our code we used is open source if you want play with it. You can find it all on GitHub.

Thanks, and we hope to see you all next semester for MegaMinerAI 20.