The traditional 8x8 chess board with pieces.


The full game rules for chess can be found on GitHub.

Additional materials, such as the story and game template can be found on GitHub as well.

Other Notes

Modifying non AI files

Each class fle inside of games/GAME_NAME/, except for your should ideally not be modified. They are intended to be read only constructs that hold the state of that object at the point in time you are reading its properties. That being is said, if you really wish to add functionality, such as helper functions, ensure they do not directly modify game state information.

Game Logic

If you are attempting to figure out how the logic is executed for a game, that code is not here. All Cadre game clients are dumb state tracking programs that facilitate IO between a game server and your AI in whatever language you choose. If you wish to get the actual code for a game check in the game server. Its directory structure is similar to most clients (such as this one).