A Brief History of ACM-Game

The Missouri S&T Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group for AI Competition Game Development (ACM-Game) started in Fall 2007 as a gung-ho group of developers from Missouri S&T loosely associated with the S&T student chapter of ACM. Their goal was to create a programming competition designed to test a competitor’s ability to design and implement an effective, artificially intelligent player for a novel game. Thus MegaMinerAI was born.

As the development team grew, and with the success of each semester’s competition, the group formalized under the title SIG-Game. With the increased size, comes increased flexibility. While the initial development (Dev) team needed people with networking ability, current members work on: asynchronous communication, compression, databases, distributed computing, evolutionary algorithms, game theory, graphic design, interpreters, language interoperability, meta programming, parallel computing, procedural generation, testing, visualization, and more.

Eventually, the organization would choose to change their name from SIG-Game to ACM-Game, as SIG-Game made it hard to know that it was apart of ACM.

What We Do


MegaMinerAI is a 24-hour artificial intelligence (AI) programming competition hosted each semester by S&T ACM-Game. Competitors must use their 24-hours to develop a program to play a novel game developed by ACM-Game’s development team. The details of the game are kept secret until the day of competition, so competitors must demonstrate their wits and coding skills to develop the best AI!

Programs are pitted against one another in ACM-Game’s Arena, where thousands of games are played in the cloud. Game results are available to users, so that they may further debug their code and refine their strategy. After the competition ends, a triple-elimination is run to determine the winners. The top three student teams are awarded prize money and crowned as the victors of MegaMinerAI.

Open Source

In addition to developing novel games for MegaMinerAI, the ACM-Game Development team develops and maintains a framework to host MegaMinerAI and other programming competitions. Though game details are kept secret until competition day, our framework is open source and available on GitHub.

As our competition attendance has grown to record levels, the ACM-Game Developers have begun a redesign of the competition framework. Each component of the framework is open source and available on GitHub.

Our Projects

Contact Us

Contact   Email
SIG-GAME   siggame@gmail.com
Jake Austin - Chair   janmc@mst.edu
Kameryn West - Vice Chair   knwhhc@mst.edu

Officers & Leads

Name   Role Email
Dr. Angel Morales Faculty Advisor ricardom@mst.edu
Jake Austin Chair janmc@mst.edu
Kameryn West Vice Chair knwhhc@mst.edu
Donald Shaw Public Relations   drs3f6@mst.edu
Nicholas Latinette   Web Lead nalrnw@mst.edu
Drew Brissette Arena Lead adb5cw@mst.edu
Jonathan Henderson   Game Lead jkhd67@mst.edu
Leo Flaker Vis Lead 1 lafcz3@mst.edu
Anthony Truong Vis Lead 2 atrm3@mst.edu