MegaMiner 25 Is Over! 19 Nov 2020

Wrench Logo Thanks for coming to MMAI 25! We hope that you enjoyed our 25th megaminer. We hope to see you again next year!

Posted by: Nicholas Latinette

MegaMiner 25 Is Soon! 28 Sep 2020

Wrench Logo Register now for Megaminer AI:25 Core Miner! When: November 7th 11am – November 8th 4pm Where: This year will be entirely online! Join our discord to stay up to date. Note: Some of the old flyers had a different discord link, but it expired. Please use the one on this website to connect to the discord and particpate!

Megaminer AI is a 24 hour AI v AI programming competition in a game we make new every event. This year marks our first full year development cycle and we are excited to say it is our best game yet! This year will also be our first competition done entirely online. Meaning you can stay safe and compete from the comfort of your own home!

To replace the game room this year we will also be hosting side competitions in various games that will be announced throughout the competition. Your opponents AI may be crushing yours but hey at least you beat them in Rocket League! Prizes: (Split among teams) First Place - $300 Second Place -$150 Third Place - $100 Cost: $10 per team (up to 3) Shirts: Due to the competition being online we are unable to provide the food and shirts we normally do. However this year’s shirts and other merch can still be purchased at

Posted by: Nicholas Latinette

MegaMiner 24 Is Over! 13 Dec 2019

Wrench Logo Thanks for coming to MMAI 24! Next one up is 25, a big milestone for SIG Game. Perhaps it will be the best one yet…

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MegaMiner 24 Registration 12 Nov 2019

Wrench Logo We finally did it! Registration is up, GO! GO! GO!

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MegaMiner 24 Announcement 28 Oct 2019

Wrench Logo Welcome to ACM-Sig-Game! We are happy to announce that the game that we are making for Mega Miner 24 is Necro War! Mark your calendars for November 16th, its time to get spooky (in november I know).

Posted by: Nicholas Latinette