Reef Winners! 15 Apr 2013

After running a zillion games, we’re happy to announce the winners of Reef!

  • 1st Place: Men of War
  • 2nd Place: Balls Deep
  • 3rd Place: Unbendable Steel Clouds

Hope everyone enjoyed the game and competition, we hope to see you back in Fall for MegaMinerAI 12.

Also, we’ll be sending out a sheet for competitor feedback, please fill it out as best you can.

Thank you everyone, couldn’t do it without you!

Posted by: Kellogg

Welcome 13 Apr 2013

Hey all,

We’re having orientation at 12pm in Toomey 199, this is our chance to unveil the game. This is also your chance to ask any and all questions you have.

Sea you all there!

Posted by: Kellogg

MegaMinerAI 11: Reef Tomorrow! 12 Apr 2013

Hope you all are ready, Reef is less than 24 hours away!

Form your teams, tell your friends, and get plenty of sleep tonight. Tomorrow we go to war!

Posted by: Kellogg

MegaMinerAI 11 Anounced 18 Mar 2013

We at SIG-Game are proud to officially announce our next game: Reef. The competition will start April 13th at 12 PM in room 199 of Toomey Hall and will continue until 12 PM on April 14th.

Tell your friends! Sign in on our brand new website, register, and build your team! The cost is $24 per team, but all Missouri S&T ACM members will get $5 off (per member per team).

Get your scuba gear ready, because we’re taking the competition underwater in MegaMinerAI 11: Reef!

Posted by: Wisely

It Lives! 21 Feb 2013

As you can see, is finally back up. It’s still in a testing phase, but feel free to explore! You’ll notice some new features including:

  • OpenID authentication

and some other things, I’m sure.

For right now, I’m very tired.

Posted by: Wisely