MMAI-19: STUMPED Itinerary Schedule 08 Apr 2017

MegaMinerAI19: Stumped Itinerary



Game Kickoff in Toomey 199

We will announce the game rules for Stumped and field questions. Following this everyone will move to Toomey 241 and Toomey 345 to code their AIs!


First Quickdraw and Dinner

We take your last submitted AI and do a quick single elimination tournament. Winner gets their entry fee back! Dinner is served. Pizza from Dominos!



The first snack run should be back, lots of munchies, soda, fruit, etc to keep you fueled.



More Snacks

Overnight as snacks are depleted we will periodically replenish them.


Second Quickdraw

We once again take your AI to see how it’s doing, the winner once again gets their entry fee refunded.



Donuts, bagels, and coffee. If you left overnight make sure you come back early to finish off your AI!


AI Submissions cut-off!

Strictly at noon we cut off submissions and that is your final AI that will be used in the tournament.



Lee’s chicken arrives and everyone eats while we get ready for the finale.


Finale and Final Tournament in Toomey 199

We thank our sponsors, field questions, and hand out T-Shirts to competitors while the final tournament runs. After that the tournament should be over and we visualize winners and hand out prizes for all eligible winners.

Posted by: Cody Roberts

MMAI-19: STUMPED is open for registration! 14 Mar 2017


The sign-ups for MegaMinerAI 19: Stumped are open!

Gather your team of code-savvy beavers and register at The competition is April 8th-9th from noon to noon.

Registration fee is $24 per team, but includes T-Shirts, food, and possible prizes for you and your teammates!

Posted by: Cody Roberts

MegaMinerAI 19 Approaches... 23 Feb 2017

The gears of SIG-Game are turning again, and with them comes the most heated competition this side of Rolla from April 8th to 9th, noon to noon.

If you are interested in working to help make MegaMinerAI happen with us, feel free to join us at our general meetings on Thursdays from 3:30pm to 4:30pm in CS217 and we can talk about putting you on one of our many development teams! All majors and skill levels welcome! No experience necessary, we will teach you!

Posted by: Cody Roberts

MMAI20 Results 12 Jan 2017

Congratulations to the winners of MegaMinerAI 20: Catastrophe!

Student Bracket

1st: catnip-cartel

2nd: new-team-who-dis

3rd: dumbsophomores

Global Bracket

1st: the-litter-box

2nd: neon-celine-dions-our-hearts-will-code-on

3rd: arrays-start-at-zero

We hope everybody had fun and look forward to seeing you all next semester!

Posted by: Cody Roberts

MMAI18 Game Announcement and Signups 10 Oct 2016

Saloon The signups for MegaMinerAI 18: Saloon are open! Round up your posse of three and go make your team at The competition is November 12-13 from high noon to high noon.

As always the cost is $24 per team, but you’ll get a T-shirt, plenty of food, and your chance to win some sweet prices.

Let’s ride!

Posted by: Jake Gallow