MMAI18 Announcement 12 Sep 2016

What's it gonna be? Prepare yourself for the Fall 2016 return of MegaMinerAI on November 12th-13th. This semester is gonna be bigger than better than ever, so brush off your old trackball mouse and hamster powered laptop.

Also, if you are interested in developing this semester’s game with us, feel free to join us on Fridays from 4PM-5PM in CS207.

Posted by: Jake Gallow

MegaMinerAI 17: Spiders Winners 30 Apr 2016

Sorry for the delay, but here is the official announcement of the winners for MegaMinerAI 17: Spiders!

Student Tournament:

1st - Make AI Great Again

2nd - fast-arachnids-get-launched-on-raging-degenerates

3rd - Chios

Global Tournament:

1st - The Goldman Clause (Brian Goldman graciously supplied his code on GitHub)

2nd - shrugging-spiders (Garmin’s Team)

3rd - Boris

Great job to all winners! If you weren’t able to attend the tournament showing, or didn’t catch it on twitch, here’s a replay. There are some really cool games to watch!

Posted by: Jon Simington

Bring Your Laptop! 22 Apr 2016

If you are not an S&T student, this announcement is just for you.

Due to some bad timing1, we weren’t able to procure temporary logins for campus machines. However, we are working on setting up a way for you to access the Internet anyway. You’ll be able to clone your team’s code and everything!

Make sure to bring a laptop or something. Something with Wi-Fi capabilities.

The one catch is that you won’t have a shared network drive to work with. But that’s OK. You’ve got git!


Let me clarify: competitors are welcome to use campus machines to compete. If you’re an S&T student with a login, then you’re all set.

If you were planning to get a temporary login from us, that’s not going to happen. You will need a laptop or something in that case.

  1. Sorry! 

Posted by: Wisely

Chess Deadlines 11 Apr 2016

Final Deadlines for Chess Submissions

If you’re writing a Chess AI to participate in Missouri S&T’s Artificial Intelligence Tournament Series, here are a few facts / deadlines that you should be aware of:

  • The final deadline for AI submission is 11:59 PM on Monday April 25, 2016 (Central Time (DST)).
    • You must push your AI code to before the deadline.
    • You must submit your AI by visiting before the deadline. Pushing is not enough!
  • We will not run submissions made after the final deadline.
  • If you have submitted code to the Chess area, but you wish to opt out of the final tournament, you must notify Dr. T by email before the final deadline.

Any questions? Email us! Or email the course’s Google Group.

Posted by: Wisely

MegaMinerAI 17 Date Adjusted 03 Mar 2016

MegaMinerAI 17 Date Adjusted

We have updated the date of MegaMinerAI 17 to April 23rd and 24th, 1PM to 1PM, with some additional time after 1PM on the 24th reserved for the tournaments.

Thanks for the patience, and we hope to see you there!

Posted by: Jon Simington