SIG-Game is a special interest group for Missouri S&T students that develops and hosts artificial intelligence programming competitions on S&T's campus in Rolla, Missouri.

Recent Updates:

MegaminerAI 23 - Stardash!

MegaMiner 23 Stardash is this weekend April 13th - 14th at 6 pm! Stardash Schedule:

  • 6 PM Starting presentation
  • 7 PM Pizza Time
  • 12 AM Snacks
  • 3 AM Quickdraw
  • 6 AM Donuts and Coffee
  • 12 PM Ending and Lee’s Chicken
  • 3 PM Arena Tournament

What is SIG-Game?

SIG Game is a student operated organization dedicated to developing an AI vs AI game to be hosted at the biggest programming competition in Rolla, MegaMinerAI. We utilize many programming languages, tools and development strategies standard to the Computer Science Industry. Our members gain valuable experience on one of our five development teams: Arena, Game, Public Relations, Visualizer, and Web. SIG-Game offers experience working on a real team, with fellow students and mentors to learn and grow as a software developer. We accept new members of all skill levels and majors, so don't hesitate to contact us.

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