MMAI 22 Newtonian Schedule 10 Nov 2018

Newtonian Schedule:

  • 12:00 pm: Goooo!
  • 6:00 pm: Dinner
  • 8:00 pm: Quickdraw, and Rebalancing
  • 6:00 am: Breakfast
  • 12:00 pm: Submission Cut-off & Lunch
  • 1:30 pm: Finale in Toomey 199 Whenever: Snack Run - Tell us if we forget to refill!
Posted by: Dillon Hess

MegaminerAI 22 - Newtonian! 07 Sep 2018

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MegaminerAI 22 is in the works. The title of the game this semester is Newtonian! MegaminerAI 22 will take place November 10th - 11th in Toomey.

The competition will being at 11am in Toomey room 199.

Posted by: Eric Willard

MegaminerAI 21 - Pirates! 10 Apr 2018

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Join us April 14th-15th on the Missouri S&T campus for MegaminerAI 21: Pirates!

The competition will kick off at noon on Saturday the 14th in Toomey room 199, going until noon on Sunday the 15th. Teams of up to 3 are allowed, $24 per team, with discounts for ACM members. This gets you a tshirt, food & snacks during the compeitition and a chance to win prizes!

Gather your team and register here!

Keep your eyes peeled for a detailed itinerary later this week!

Posted by: Reno DuBois

SIG-Game Developers needed! 23 Jan 2018


It is the dawn of a new semester and SIG-Game is seeking fresh new developers to join our ranks! We are looking for anyone, all majors and experience levels welcome! Our first general meeting will be on:

Wednesday, January 24th from 4pm to 5pm in the Toomey Room 254.

Make sure to stop by and learn who we are and what we do!

If you can’t be there in person, the meeting will also be streamed on Twitch and feel free to ask questions on our Discord server!

Posted by: Michael Beaver

MMAI-20: CATASTROPHE Itinerary Schedule 25 Oct 2017

MegaMinerAI20: Catastrophe Itinerary

Saturday: November 11th


Doors and Registration Open

Confirm your registration or complete last minute registrations, and make sure everyone on your team is present!


Game Kickoff in Butler-Carlton Hall Room 125

We will announce the game rules for Catastrophe and field questions.


Catastrophe is under way!

Everyone will move to the fishbowl lab and room 251 on the second floor of Toomey to code their AIs!


First Quickdraw and Dinner

We take your last submitted AI and do a quick single elimination tournament. Winner gets their entry fee back! Dinner is served. Pizza from Dominos!



The first snack run should be back, lots of munchies, soda, fruit, etc to keep you fueled.

Sunday: November 12th


More Snacks

Overnight as snacks are depleted we will periodically replenish them.


Second Quickdraw

We once again take your AI to see how it’s doing, the winner once again gets their entry fee refunded.



Donuts, bagels, and coffee. If you left overnight make sure you come back early to finish off your AI!


AI Submissions cut-off!

Strictly at noon we cut off submissions and that is your final AI that will be used in the tournament.



Lee’s chicken arrives and everyone eats while we get ready for the finale.


Finale and Final Tournament in BCH 125 (Same as the opening presentation)

We thank our sponsors, field questions, and hand out T-Shirts to competitors while the final tournament runs. After that the tournament should be over and we visualize winners and hand out prizes for all eligible winners.

Posted by: Cody Roberts