MegaMiner AI 15 13 Apr 2015

Segfaults… why’d it have to be segfaults?

Megaminer AI 15 Pharaoh is this weekend (April 18th 2015)! If you haven’t signed up yet register for the competition right over here <—

The cost to compete is $24 per team, up to three members per team. Not four, not five, 3. Three is the most people that can be on a team. To top it off, for each team member that is a member of Missouri S&T’s ACM chapter the team will receive a $4 discount.

Wanna join Missouri S&T ACM? Check out their website.

The Prizes

Thanks to our awesome sponsors, the prizes are definitely worthy of Pharaoh.

  • First Place: $500
  • Second Place: $220
  • Third Place: $120

Who are these people who can shell out that kinda money?

Pharaoh Schedule!

Pharaoh will begin at noon on Saturday April 18th, 2015 and will end at noon on Sunday April 19th, 2015. Check out the schedule below for details. Pharoah will be taking over Toomey Hall on Missouri S&T’s campus.

Saturday April 18th

  • 12:00 PM Meet in room 199 Toomey Hall for Opening Ceremony
  • 12:30 PM Head upstairs to computer labs (follow the signs)
  • 12:35 PM Begin coding
  • 6:00 PM Dinner QuickDraw Tournament (Winners win their registration fee back)
  • 6:30 PM Dinner

Sunday April 19th

  • 12:00 AM Midnight QuickDraw Tournament (Winners win their registration fee back)
  • 8:00 AM Breakfast
  • 12:00 PM Code submission closed. End of competition
  • 12:15 PM Lunch
  • 1:00 PM Migrate downstairs to 199 Toomey Hall to watch the Final and Global Tournament
  • 1:30 PM Winners determined and prizes awarded
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Funny story…

OK, not that funny, actually. Probably closer to heartbreaking.

Or maybe just gassy.

Shutting down OpenID

In the interest of convenience and better security, this latest iteration of SIG-Game’s webserver offered OpenID authentication to its users. Users were able to log in with their existing Google or Yahoo accounts, leaving them with one less password to remember and a more secure authentication procedure than passwords over plain ol’ HTTP. A vast majority of our users decided to take advantage of the OpenID authentication option, and that was just lovely.

However, we found out rather recently (the last few months) that Google had established a shutdown schedule for its OpenID services. They requested that sites using OpenID 2.0 migrate to their OpenID Connect service.

A Fresh Start

After hours upon hours of fruitless attempts to authenticate our OpenID users through OpenID Connect, I made an executive decision to wipe out’s database of users and reconfigure it to use OAuth 2.0. This means that users can now authenticate with their Google accounts or with their GitHub accounts.

It also means that all of our old competition data is unavailable on We plan to move some of the old team and competition data back to the site for nostalgia’s sake, but until then, Pharaoh will be the only MegaMinerAI available on the site.

With enough time, we probably could have migrated our existing users, but every active SIG-Game Developer is a full time student here at Missouri S&T. The decision to start anew was our last resort. Between our course loads and our milestone schedule for Pharaoh, there just wasn’t enough time to get it working properly.

A Note on Accounts

If you decide to use OAuth 2.0 (which I would recommend), be sure to remember which account you used to authenticate. If, for example, you log in with your Google account and then try to log in with GitHub, will create another account for you (it’s not a genius, geez.).

That being said, you can always associate multiple social accounts with your account by visiting and setting them up. That way, you won’t have to worry which account you used! You can log in to your account with any of your connected social accounts.

You can also disconnect your social accounts and use a plain ol’ username and password if you so choose. Our site uses HTTPS now, which is dandy. (And yes, we did check for heartbleed).

Saying Goodbye

It’s bittersweet to see a clean Without the lists of competitions and competitors, it just feels empty. However, with MegaMinerAI 15 right around the corner, it won’t be long before it’s full of games and feels like home again.

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Choose Your Own Django! 18 Mar 2015

This Wednesday Michael Wisely presented “Choose Your Own Django!” at the ACM general meeting. He spoke about the powerful web framework, Django, which we use to power our site for MegaMiner AI. If you missed the presentation and want to see what you missed (or just want to relive the magic) check out the CYODj Presentation. If you are a little confused by the layout of the presentation website press “?” for help or press “Esc” to zoom out and explore the multiple dimensions of this website.

If you want to learn more about Django and start developing with it go to the official Django Site.

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Arena Heat Map 22 Jan 2015

Thanks to Matt Nuckolls, Aluminati member and Arena architect, MegaMinerAI 14: Plants has the most thorough final results of a any competition ever. In total he ran the arena for 50,000 games, and from those results I extracted this CSV of pairwise game results, and created this pretty graph of how likely it is for each team to beat each opponent:

Arena Heat Map

While there is no doubt that Paper Pumpkin Posse deserved first place, using this data its pretty unclear who should get second. Below is who would get second using different measures of quality.

  • Highest Average Win Rate: Oversized Grow Lamp
  • Loses the least head to head matchups: The Mad Robotinists
  • Most likely to win random seed single winner tournaments (Pumpkin removed) with probabilistic matchups: The Goldman Clause
  • Most likely to defeat first place team: Teem Bahd Spelers

This game also contained a lot of non-transitive relationships. For example The Deku Scrubs beats We Came For The Food who beats Teem Bahd Spelers who beats The Deku Scrubs.

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Plants Winners 10 Nov 2014

Congratulations to the winners of MegaMinerAI 14: Plants! After 24 hours of coding and two exciting tournaments, we have our victors:

Student Tournament

The winners of the Student Tournament received prizes in the amounts of $500, $220, and $120 for first second and third place respectively.

  • First Place: Paper Pumpkin Posse
  • Second Place: Golbat Plants
  • Third Place: The Square Roots

Global Tournament

The Global Tournament consisted of all AIs submitted to the Arena, including SIG-Game Developer AIs, Sponsor AIs, as well as all student teams.

  • First Place: Paper Pumpkin Posse
  • Second Place: The Goldman Clause
  • Third Place: Golbat Plants

Post Mortem

We know how MegaMinerAI went from a Dev perspective, but we want to hear from you! How can we make MegaMinerAI 15 the best MegaMinerAI ever? Join us for our Post Mortem meeting on Tuesday, November 11 at 7:00 PM in CS Room 207.

Also, be sure to check your email and fill out our feedback survey. Your responses help us to locate areas in need of improvement.


On behalf of SIG-Game’s Developers, thanks to everyone who came out to MegaMinerAI 14: Plants! We had a blast putting it together, and we hope you all had a great time strategizing and coding. If you’re interested in seeing MegaMinerAI from the other side of the table, consider joining the Dev team next semester!

See you at MegaMinerAI 15!

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